Translation Questionaire for Xfce4-Generic-Slider

This form is designed to help volunteers translate Xfce4-Generic-Slider without having to worry about programming. All input received by users of this form is greatly appreciated. Please select the language for which you are providing a translation and then enter translations for the phrases displayed in quotation marks. The context of each phrase is detailed below the corresponding textbox.

The user is being asked for a command of the type that would be entered at an operating system's command prompt. The purpose of this command is to adjust something.

The user is again being asked for an OS command. This time the user is being asked for a command that returns a number. A variable in the program is kept in sync with that number.

Text that describes part of a program.

A graphical user interface component that allows "click and drag" functionality. Clicking and dragging the slider typically adjusts the value of a variable.

Refers to the fact that all of the things should be done in a list of two things.

The user is being asked for a label that will show up beside the slider.

When a user adjusts the position of the slider, a number is needed. Otherwise, when the slider is at the halfway position, the program doesn't know whether this means "50/100", "37/74", "999/1998", etc. This number the user is being asked for is the denominator of a fraction.

Similarly, when the program is synchronizing, it needs to know another denominator.

A denominator that will be shown in a label.

The imperative form of the verb to show. The program is asking the user what GUI components should be shown.

The color of something.

Ordinarily the user is asked for a color. Instead the user can say that the program can just use whatever the default color is of the theme being used.

The user is being told that a certain symbol represents a value in the interval [0, denominator]. "This symbol for value between 0 and the denominator" means "if you want to refer to the value of this variable... use this symbol."

Again the user is being told that they can enter a certain symbol as a shorthand for something else. This time the "something else" is a number representing the amount by which the slider's position has changed in the last few seconds.

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