Translation Questionaire for Mebitag

This form is designed to help volunteers translate Mebitag without having to worry about programming. All input received by users of this form is greatly appreciated. Please select the language for which you are providing a translation and then enter translations for the phrases displayed in quotation marks. The context of each phrase is detailed below the corresponding textbox.

A database entry.

The plural of entry.

A topic like a Jeopardy! category.

The plural of category.

A tag used to attach data to something, like an id3tag.

The plural of tag.

The label on a button that adds an entry to the database.

The label on a button that removes an entry from the database.

The label on a button that creates a category.

The label on a button that deletes a category.

When the user first opens the program, he or she is being asked to click either "Open" or "Add Entry" to begin using it.

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